So here I am sitting alone trying to understand what has happened over the period of last one year.

I think it’s my mistake, I chose wrong  candidate! Let me take you to the past and tell you what has happened!

I and my gf were doing good, I always supported her from the very beginning, and our relationships was very smooth because it was kind of traditional family relationship too. For the last 50yrs, It is obvious that our families supported each other every time!

But in last few years,  things got changed drastically! Her family were doing really bad for last few years, and we helped them to settle things and get back to the previous situation.  My gf was also happy, she enjoyed power like anything and I also had advantages from her and her family.

It was going all good but suddenly her behavior started to show off her true colors! It was getting tough  for me to defend her on every occasion! And then I met The Other Girl! She was impressive as well as smart! And ” I made my mind to switch sides!

and Sooner The other Girl was placed on the top position! Though this Other girl never hinted me anything, I had confidence that she will one day recognize my efforts for her success!

But I was wrong, She never offered me anything for my efforts! Soon I started to hint her about my needs, my wishes! But she ignored! So I tried to explain her rules in this game! She IGNORED!

She started to avoid me like I don’t even exist! NO, this is not possible, I won’t let her go ahead so easily!  But soon my calls were not answered and She started her journey ahead with her hard work!

I and my ex, we decided that we need to face it together! We started to spread rumors and what not about that Other Girl!

But nothing is happening, I feel ditched at a times, I am confused what has actually happened!

Do you know what do my friends call me, “Media“!

People say,  I am not able to digest the fact that this time it’s me who is ” DITCHED

Is it true?